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The THC Kiss Mango Shot is a juice-based 30ml beverage that contains 10mg of THC without inessential water and sugars. This innovative cannabis beverage shot is an enjoyable alternative to smoking cannabis. The sweet mango flavor is like summertime in a bottle that is available all year long.

It is fast-acting with an onset time of as low as 10 minutes. Inexperienced users should not consume more than half of this bottle at once. The THC Kiss Shot is perfect for starting slow and adjusting the dosage as one prefers. It is gluten-free and made in a nut-free facility. What makes THC Kiss Shot great is it contains just as much THC as higher-priced edibles, and there is absolutely no bitter or chemical-like after-taste!

THC Range: 9-10mg
CBD Range: <0.02%
Benefit: Fast-acting

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