Matanuska Thunder F#*k (Western Cannabis) Pre-Roll


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Matanuska Thunder F#*K lineage is unknown x unknown. Legend has it that this variety was grown in the grasslands of Alaska’s Matanuska Valley. This is a very old heirloom strain and its origins are shrouded in mystery, most likely coming out from a blend of the most popular strains of the time in that area. At Western, we pheno-hunted through a batch of seeds that were a back cross of Matanuska (MTF x MTF) to find the most representative expression of the original descriptions. The flowers are a silvery green in appearance because of the thick covering of large trichomes. The buds are medium size with irregular shape and a light density. The initial aroma of a mild chocolate dessert comes through when you first break open a bud. What follows is a more subtle mint perfume flavor with an earthy taste. Matanuska TF is a creeper and gradually provides a feeling of relaxation and focus that is pleasing without being sedative. The Sativa effects are well pronounced with a high THC of 27+. Powerful and hard hitting, the Western team believes we have done our best to honor this fantastic classic strain.

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