Maui Waui (Pandannis) Pre-Roll

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Typically known in the legacy market as Mai Tai, this particular indica-dominant strain was pheno-hunted and hand selected in house, by Pandannis Tree Productions and is a cross between Sunset Sherbet and Purple Punch.

This sweet and earthy bliss in a bud smells as if heaven cracked open it’s Mason Jars and said, “enjoy”. This unique terpene profile is perfect for relaxing your mind and elevating your mood.

Grown in Craven, Saskatchewan, Pandannis Tree Productions exemplifies themselves in the craft market by producing small batch, artisanal cannabis to ensure the highest quality.

Each plant is hand watered, and hand trimmed. A 14-16 day whole plant hang dry, cold cure technique is used to ensure maximum flavour profile and smooth smoke. Pandannis Tree Productions focuses on taste and aroma above anything else.

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    For the guys in the bunkers.

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