Milk Chocolate Bar with Hazelnut (Phat420)

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Phat420 Milk Chocolate with Hazelnuts is a single serving 30g chocolate bar with Hazelnuts that has been infused with 10mg of THC distillate. The flavour is tasteless and odorless.
Crafted using only the highest quality and best tasting ingredients to deliver a perfect taste every time.
Formulated specifically for the chocolate edibles market.
Our unique processes and high purity distillates deliver a safe and evenly infused experience.

1 review for Milk Chocolate Bar with Hazelnut (Phat420)

  1. Mork

    My new favourite chocolate edible, especially with the hazelnuts. These Phat420 chocolate bars are great, no cannabis taste present at all, not to mention a consistent high. Would strongly recommend to anyone put off by weird after-taste that you’d normally expect from chocolate edibles.

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