Original Stash Reserve – 14g

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THC: 20.51%

Featuring a very strong THC potential and a desirable terpene profile, OS.RESERVE is a blend of two carefully selected indica flower strains. Original Stash products are naturally sun grown in hybrid greenhouses. Quality weed. Legit price. Available in a 14 g (1/2 oz) pouch.

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5 reviews for Original Stash Reserve – 14g

  1. bileeckh

    All of the buds were dime and nickle sized. Good trim. Some buds were mid green and some were lighter frosty color. Hardly any smell even after days with boveda. For boasting 23+% thc high for me was weak.

  2. LB

    Very weak high, buds were dry, had a slight hay smell to it. It did smoke very nicely and smooth but for a veteran smoker I was disappointed. The staff member recommended this strain as the most powerful they had but it’s definitely more of a relaxing, low high.

  3. Darick

    This was the worst weed I have ever bought.

    Its too late for me now. Save yourselves.

  4. Nextinline

    Not the strongest high but did the trick, the price is right and it burns nice and clean. A great option for daily smoke but isn’t necessarily a treat.

  5. Master Kief

    Great bulk option at a reasonable price. Quality has gotten better over time. Smooth smoke, more earthy plant tones, not super flavourful but a nice relaxing high. Good for just chillin out and watching movies.

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