Point Break (Qwest) Pre-Roll

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Point Break is one of a kind cultivar with a fragrance of minty creamy oranges. It’s a challenge to describe the complex yet inviting terpene profile until experienced. The sweet undertones may come as a surprise at first smell with its deep skunky aromas, but when indulged, the first taste on inhale is a coating of flavour from oranges to fuel on the exhale. A unique taste and profile, unlike the ordinary.

2 reviews for Point Break (Qwest) Pre-Roll

  1. Jason Berezowski (verified owner)

    This stuff is very unique. The smell and flavor were very much unlike most stuff I’ve personally tried. The wrap on the pre-rolls was a bit janky but I did manage to get a consistent burn. Taste great and hits smooth. Very “UP” feeling. Heady effect but never manages to be overwhelming. This was a “get things done” smoke for me.

  2. Marge

    These are some of the best tasting pre rolls I have ever had. They burn so nicely and they gave me an amazing high! Would recommend to experienced smokers who seek something stronger THC wise

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