R2 Full Spectrum Honey Oil Syringe (Retro Cannabis)

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R2 Honey Oil is a indica dominant full spectrum extract. This extract will induce couchlock at higher doses, but at lower to moderate doses, the sluggishness won’t interfere
too much with the ability to socialize. Utilizing our state of the art CO2 extraction equipment, Retro is able to guarantee no harmful chemicals or synthetic terpenes are
used. Pre-loaded in a glass syringe with a blunt tip, you can truly pick your desired experience.

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2 reviews for R2 Full Spectrum Honey Oil Syringe (Retro Cannabis)

  1. basstich

    Beautiful Afghan Haze. Similar effects to a mellow haze like jack herer but more relaxing. Definitely a hybrid. Amazing flavour and odor. Earthy berry.

  2. 00pavlyon00

    very nice calm, relaxing and hazy high, felt in the head and body. sweet earth flavour accompanied by a dark orange tinge to the oil colour; indicating good terpene content

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