Raspberry Hippie Crippler Infused Blunt (Pura Vida Legacy) Pre-Roll

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Pura Vida Legacy Raspberry Hippie Crippler Infused Blunts offer an extremely potent strain with a full spectrum flavoured core. We only use the highest quality, fresh whole flower, never shake or trim, that’s been skillfully crafted and rolled with premium hemp wraps. Find sweet, tart raspberry flavours in this conveniently rolled premium blunt.

2 reviews for Raspberry Hippie Crippler Infused Blunt (Pura Vida Legacy) Pre-Roll

  1. Steve-O

    Didn’t get much rasp flavour, but did get a little of the tartness. Lord does this slam! Love that they put it in a slow burning blunt wrap. I’ve had others that were in fast burning or even regular papers and it’s just too much. With the blunt wrap- it’s more controllable, very important for high potency. Will buy again, amazing effects.

  2. Barbara Hoffman

    Very nice! Flavourful and great kick! Lovely taste. ?

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