Sapphire Kief (Delta9)

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Sapphire is Delta 9’s first foray into the concentrate market. Our dry sifted kief is made up of seperated trichome heads from the plant, minimizing the amount of plant material in the end product and maximizing our potency. Whether you intend to smoke it, vape it, cook with it or dump it into a bag of your best buds it’s sure to spice up any session. Who doesn’t love kief?

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1 review for Sapphire Kief (Delta9)

  1. JL

    Horrible packaging, even with a fine paint brush I couldn’t get it all out of the container because of the ridges. Also has a strong chemical smell and looks low in quality that is suspiciously similar to how kief normally looks and smells after it’s been used in a CO2 extraction. Tried one hoot and as expected it tasted terrible and made me cough like crazy.

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