Sativa Lemon Burst 510 Cartridge (Thumbs Up Brand)

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Here’s something to dance to. Thumbs Up Brand Sativa Lemon Burst contains 0.5G of high THC distillate. Based on the strain Lemon Burst, you’ll taste an explosion of citrus, mango and hops that will have you jamming.
Dominant terpenes include limonene, myrcene, and humulene.
Thumbs Up Brand cartridges have no additional carrier oils.

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1 review for Sativa Lemon Burst 510 Cartridge (Thumbs Up Brand)

  1. Izzie

    Purchased 2 of these from the Regina Beacb store when they were on sale. Disappointing forsure. They were cheap and that’s why I bought them but there’s a reason there cheap. First they taste bad. Not like lemon at all. Second both cartridges keep clogging. You have to removed them and suck hard and play with the seated part to make them work again. Almost after every pull. Super annoying. Happened after about 10 drags and now happens with everyone. Was the same with both cartridges and have tried them on 2 batteries now. Junk.

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