Secret Menu (1964) Pre-Roll


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If you know, you know. Secret Menu by 1964 will feature rotating small batch releases. The unique genetics featured in the Secret Menu Series will be hand-selected by our grow team. Grown in Living Soil and certified Organic, these limited-time releases will feature some of the best 1964 has to offer. Keep an eye out for new drops and get them before they’re gone! This is single strain, whole bud, milled to perfection and rolled with 100% organic hemp papers, finished by hand.

Rotational strain: Comatose (Comatose is a heavy Kush and one of Canada’s most popular legacy strains. This indica-dominant flower is reported to be a cross of OG Kush and another unknown indica. Comatose have dense, resinous flowers which produce high levels of THC and earthy, citrusy fragrances.)

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