Short Stories Variety Pack (J.R. Strain) Pre-Roll

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Cake #9: 22.1%
Moon Fuel: 26.5%
Sublimator: 22.6%

Cake #9 is a VERY smooth smoking flower, with primary taste and nose of mandarin orange and cream. it has been described as orange creamsicle by connoisseurs, velvety- orange- puffs of smoke. Smooth, not harsh, allowing big fat thick tokes. This is NOT gassy, or fuel. If you are looking for gas, then try our moon fuel. This is soft and subtle, yet tasty and makes you want to finish the whole joint. This is a no half joint left in the ashtray kind of herb. It’s gone.

Moon Fuel – This Indica leaning hybrid hails from Jet Fuel Gelato and White Flo. These top of the flower, pure bud, craft grown pre-rolls, are grown in the Kootenay region of British Columbia. Our Aeroponic growing method ensures all J.R. Strain flower is delivered the nutrients they need, while minimizing water consumption and medium waste, to ensure a consistently premium quality flower at affordable prices. J.R. Strain’s grow method, combined with hand trimmed and post harvest hang drying, delivers a pre-roll with a bouquet of petrol and creamy vanilla citrus notes, that pack a punch upfront and linger long after your last draw.

Sublimator – Winner of the Spanibis cup in 2018/19 (Spain’s cannabis cup) sticky and resinous, Kush notes (Kush yumminess throughout, for those who don’t know Kush, well, it’s a staple in the weed drawer) GASSY, FUEL. Has a tangy zip to the olfactory, Make the eyes water.

1 review for Short Stories Variety Pack (J.R. Strain) Pre-Roll

  1. Lisa M.

    I loved this trio! The Cake #9 is great day time high. It is nice and smooth with a sweet taste. The Moon Fuel was my fav. Although indica dominant I didn’t notice any sluggishness after. Nice taste with a hint of citrus. The Sublimator was very good. I liked the natural taste. High was good. Again, no sluggishness after.

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