Slurricane (Freedom)

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Freedom Cannabis’ Slurricane possess a sweet flavour profile which features hints of sugary berries, grapes and butterscotch. This indica dominant strain (Freedom’s Latitude product line) packs a powerful punch and registers between 24-31% THC. Freedom’s Slurricane is available in 3.5-gram old school “Tuna Can” tin packaging for guaranteed freshness.

4 reviews for Slurricane (Freedom)

  1. SoupDaddy

    It’s like getting knocked out by a rainbow and landing on a cloud… blissful and sleepy zZz (much emphasis on the sleepy…)

    (x_x)O-(•_•Q) knockout indica

  2. cLiNtY

    Its like being in the front row of a Van Halen Concert back in 1984 and getting kicked by David Lee Roth during the opening song !?!

    Then suddenly waking up back stage during the encore while having nothing on but the shirt David Lee Roth was wearing during the opening song, aHaHaHa LoL ?!?

    Great Flower

  3. lindsey (verified owner)

    a very sophisticated review:
    this stuff messes me up

  4. Duck

    Excellent! Great flavour and good burn a real nice heavy Indica. I would definitely recommend giving this one a try!

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