Sour Cherry Gummies (Sunshower)

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Sunshower Sour Cherry gummies are made from the natural flavours of Morello and B.C.-grown Lapin sour cherries to combine tree-ripened sweetness with an extra sour kick. Every pack of Sunshower Sour Cherry contains 10 gummies, each made with 1 mg of the finest cannabis distillate THC so that you can start low, go slow and manage your experience at your own pace. With 10 pieces you’ll have enough gummies to slowly savour the puckering sour cherry flavour or to enjoy the extra chewy goodness of Sunshower’s classic gummy texture, with no cannabis aftertaste.

1 review for Sour Cherry Gummies (Sunshower)

  1. Mork

    They’re ok gummies, not a fan of many gummies with low potency each, pretty much have to eat most of them to feel anything because of my tolerance. However, I would highly recommend them for anyone first getting into edibles, especially for groups of first-timers to share.

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