Spicy Mango Infused (Growtown) Pre-Roll

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Combining the high impact of solventless bubble hash with the added flavour and smokability of dried flower, these Spicy Mango sativa dominant pre-rolls will send you flying. Sweeter citrus from the hash combines with the cinnamon spice profile of the flower to provide an exceptional profile and experience in an easily portable, convenient format. As these are made with a large percentage of hash, expect the pre-roll to be softer than a more densely packed flower pre-roll to encourage smokability.
Crafted in small batches by our dedicated concentrate team, and then finished by hand by our pre-roll team, these pre-rolls are made by extracting the trichomes from flower material and then mixing in dried, milled, and sifted flower. All Growtown extract products are made by carefully selecting and inspecting the flower input, running it though our onsite milling and sifting process ensuring you receive a high quality, hand finished, high potency products.

3 reviews for Spicy Mango Infused (Growtown) Pre-Roll

  1. Jen Janes (verified owner)

    The weed is good. But the pic associated is misleading. It shows 3 joints but you only get 1, so unless you are actually paying attention when you order, you are going to be disappointed. Also the joint you do get is teeny tiny.

    • Matt Douglas

      We apologize for any confusion and appreciate your input Jen! This product is available in two different package quantities, so this is likely why the product photo shows three pre-rolls. There is a drop down arrow under “Variation” that allows you to view and choose your package size/breakdown. Hope this helps! Have a great day and thank you for shopping with us!

  2. Jen Janes (verified owner)

    Hey Matt, thanks for your response! Unfortunately the drop down under “variation” has only the one joint option for this product. So given that it shows 3 joints in the pic and the price is similar to those products that do come with 3, it is easy to be confused if you aren’t paying attention when you order… which in case you were wondering, I was not doing when I ordered lol… so partly my bad ?‍♀️

  3. Colin

    The Webpage only has a 3 item variation, same for the picture.
    Drop Down Menu ONLY CHOICE is ” 3 x 0.5g ”
    Purchased Packaging ONLY has 1 item

    This needs to be fixed.

    • Matt Douglas

      I apologize for the confusion regarding this product.
      Previously we had the (1 x 0.5) variation and that has now sold out.
      Sold out products are not visible in the variation drop down.
      We currently have the (3 x 0.5) variation in stock at this date 05/06/22.
      If you order the (3 x 0.5) variation it will have three joints in the package. The products are not mislabeled.
      If you ordered the (3x) variation from the website and received the (1x) instead, we would be happy to make this right for you!
      Please reach out to us at info@wiidsk.ca!

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