Sativa (Jenn’s Budz)

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Jenn’s OG Strawberry Ice embodies a fresh strawberry flavour with minty undertones that takes you
on a cerebral journey of creativity and otherworldly bliss.

Strawberry Ice buds are large and extremely dense, thickly coated with trichomes and dark orange
pistils, resulting in a distinctive ‘red planet’ appearance. Our ‘Ice’ is a true diva, retaining berrylicious
beginnings of the famous Blueberry strain re-upped through a mysterious Thai landrace cross. The
flowers’ inherent combination of Terpinolene, Caryophyllene and Farnesene paint a complex flavour
profile: sweet and floral in the inhale, with a smooth and deliciously minty aftertaste.

1 review for Sativa (Jenn’s Budz)

  1. Nick

    Seemed short on buds, weighed at home and it was only 20g!

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