Sunset Sherbet (Pandannis)

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Typically known in the legacy market as Mai Tai, this particular indica-dominant strain was pheno-hunted and hand selected in house, by Pandannis Tree Productions and is a cross between Sunset Sherbet and Purple Punch.

This sweet and earthy bliss in a bud smells as if heaven cracked open it’s Mason Jars and said, “enjoy”. This unique terpene profile is perfect for relaxing your mind and elevating your mood.

Grown in Craven, Saskatchewan, Pandannis Tree Productions exemplifies themselves in the craft market by producing small batch, artisanal cannabis to ensure the highest quality.

Each plant is hand watered, and hand trimmed. A 14-16 day whole plant hang dry, cold cure technique is used to ensure maximum flavour profile and smooth smoke. Pandannis Tree Productions focuses on taste and aroma above anything else.

7 reviews for Sunset Sherbet (Pandannis)

  1. Ashley

    Beautiful dark dense buds. Smells unreal! Trimming was top notch. The high is floaty ☁️ Got me super baked and I smoke a lot. Must try!!

  2. Darick

    Must try. Beautiful grow from Craven.

    This is Mai Tai #4 done right.

  3. Moderngreenturbo

    The aromas from this strain are simply the best in the industry, citusy/skunky. NON IRRADIATED AND HAND TRIMMED. The burn is smooth and full of terps down to the last puff with a clean white ash. All the buds were good sizes and have a nice purple tone covered in frosty trichomes ??

  4. Semiprecious Stoner

    This bag of weed reminded me of the black market days when you’d buy a fresh baggie of still moist, stinks your whole house out kind of weed. The aroma is tart and sweet and will immerse you and your entire living area in its aura. Smokes so nicely, no need to keep relighting your joint.

  5. Chloe

    What a BEAUTIFUL strain of weed! It smells and tastes sweet and tropical, and the high is relaxing , and a mood booster. One of my new favourites!

  6. Nick

    Honestly one of if not THE best strain of weed I have ever smoked. The best smelling and tasting weed I have ever tried. Beautiful buds that are moist, dense, and neatly trimmed. The smoke is smooth and leaves you wanting more. You can tell a lot of care went into growing.


    Grower’s like this understand exactly what the pot was like in the 60s. Foresty favour no caugh centering on core healing. Thank you very much.

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