Ultra Sour (Namaste)

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Ultra Sour is a heavy-hitting sativa-dominant hybrid with pale green buds that are covered in trichomes. Aromas of citrus and diesel make Ultra Sour a flavourful option, great for cannabis connoisseurs.

2 reviews for Ultra Sour (Namaste)

  1. Nextinline

    This strain by namaste definitely lives up to its name, the “ultra” euphoric head high will have you spending hours looking for your keys before you realize you don’t even own a car.
    This strain tastes exactly like it smells
    Boasting the classic taste of sour diesel.

  2. Master Kief

    Fantastic Sativa strain from Namaste. Very flavourable strain that is just as you would expect it to be. Citrusy diesel flavour, pale green nugs, long orange hairs, and a powerful high that kicks you to the next level.

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