Wappa (Re Up)

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Re-Up’s WPP has a range of aromas and flavours – including a hint of tropical fruit – that will keep you guessing. This strain’s buds are frosty and lime green, accented by a medley of amber hairs.

4 reviews for Wappa (Re Up)

  1. Jai

    Best price and product I have received from a dispensary to date, even better than some of the $12/G strains that I’ve tried. Good sized buds with an actually decent cure. Still pricier than what it is available in other markets but they’re definitely heading in the right direction with this one at least.

  2. anarcheril (verified owner)

    Best bang for your buck from from any vendor. Realistically this is 4/5 star bud, but actually properly priced.

  3. Dan

    Needless to say disappointed yet again. It was a good run re up but it came crashing down. I had bought 15 g and open the package to only have 13 grams of stems. From and avid medical user it can only begin to frustrate the hell out of a person when they do not receive the full quantity they are paying for.
    Maby next time
    The frustrated toker

  4. Ck

    That dude dan really knows how to take his frustrations and make it bigger than it is lol legit 13 grams of stems my @$$ lol anyways i got 14 grams of stems and 1 g of bud frustrated as hell lol jk this is good buy it up

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