Wedding Cake (OneLeaf)

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Wedding Cake is an indica-dominant hybrid, crossed between Triangle Kush and Animal Mints. It’s known for its dense, crystal coated buds and high THC content. It has peppery sweet notes with undertones of vanilla and lemon.

Notes of Spice, Herbs, Citrus and Vanilla
Dominant Terpenes include: Trans-Caryophyllene, Limonene and Beta-Myrcene. 2-3% Terpenes.

Unique packaging uses nitrogen to remove oxygen, which preserves the terpenes and natural aromas of the flower. This ensures that you get to experience that fresh cannabis scent with every new package.

Grown in small batches, hang dried and hand trimmed.

Grown in Saskatchewan!

1 review for Wedding Cake (OneLeaf)

  1. cLiNtY

    Quadruple A plus ?!?

    Quintuple Soon Enough !?!

    Amazing Flowers from the Fragrance to the Flavour and the Feeling your left with which is absolute Bliss.

    Instant HeavyAssed HeadBand…

    oNeLeaF did some serious GoodWork with their WeddingCake from seed2sale. They sure seemed to know how to cure it totally awesome and not just gorgeous smell, trichomes and humidity/dryness but it seems to be covered in some sorta greasy/oily terpene juice.

    And as Pharaoh once said, “we’re In the PiPe 5/5”

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