Wedding Cake (Qwest Reserve)

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Wedding Cake is the coming together of Triangle Kush X Animal Mints in a holy matrimony of a balanced high and a dynamic taste. Named for the unmistakable aroma of vanilla cake frosting, but its taste is not much like the nuptial dessert: the flavour is tangy and sour with a creamy base. If you had a date with our Ice Cream Cake, you’ll want to commit to this.

1 review for Wedding Cake (Qwest Reserve)

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    With the amazing taste of spirit quest and the punch of ice qwest, this new strain from Qwest absolutely slaps.
    Reminiscent of the peppery floral tones of the spirit qwest the taste is familiar, but has an earthy taste as well, while extremely euphoric it is pleasantly accompanied by a comfortable but heavy body stone.

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