Wedding Crasher (Tenzo)

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A relentless pursuit for top shelf genetics; indoor grown with precise nutrient management, hang dried, meticulously hand trimmed, expertly cured, and delicately packaged. The highest standards from seed to shelf. BLKMKT is flower at its finest.

A mellow, earthy strain with sharp grassy highlights and a pleasant berry finish.

Terpenes: Limonene, Alpha-Pinene, Beta-Pinene, Caryophyllene

Flavour: A smooth vanilla flavour with notes of grape

2 reviews for Wedding Crasher (Tenzo)

  1. TheDougler420

    Flavor and aroma 10/10 ! These buds are cured just right, they smoke smooth and flavourful. The strong indica dominance on this strain is perfect for melting deep into the couch.

  2. CLiNTY

    The Wedding Crasher is equally as amazing as their new Cherry Punch !!!

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