Wiid 510 VV Twist Battery


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Wiid braded Variable Voltage 510 twist battery
push button.

The 510 Variable Voltage Twist Battery includes:
-Twist Vape Pen Battery
-500mAh/Variable Voltage/Preheat Function
-0.5ml Capacity Vape Cartridge (refillable with ceramic heater)
-USB Charger

To properly charge the device, please use the below instructions:
When connecting your device to a charger that came with your device for best results. If your charger needs to be connected to a USB source, DO NOT use the following charging methods or it may harm your battery or not charge it properly: laptops, rapid chargers, power banks, or Apple products. Standard Android, Blackberry, Amazon or generic wall adapters and desktop computers are good charging sources for the USB plugs.


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