Zkittlez x FPOG (34th Street) Seeds

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(Zkltz x OG x Fruity Pebbles)

Photo-period, feminized seeds

THC: 23-33%, CBD: <1%

Hybrid 80/20 Indica Dominant

Flower period: 9-10 weeks

Finish mid October

ZFPOG produces large flower sites, and high THC with no sacrifice to terpenes. High production and a 9-week flower time this resin covered wonder will be sure to satisfy even the most seasoned growers and connoisseurs. This cultivar has a short stretch rate with tight internodal spacing, ZFPOG does respond well to topping and training and prefers a warmer climate.

Terpenes: Beta-Caryophyllene, Guaiol, Humulene, Myrcene, Pinene


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