Featured Budtender

Lisa M.


Lisa started with Wiid Boutique in October 2022 after being in the optical industry for 15 years. Lisa is a cannabis enthusiast who hopes to expand her knowledge on its many benefits. She and her husband Parker have been married for 10 years and have a son together. They also celebrate their anniversary on 420!

Budtender Questionnaire

What store location(s) can customers find you?

We all rotate around as needed but my main bases are Quance and South Albert!

Do you have any pets?

I have two kitty fur babies, Callie and Kahlua. They are calicos and sisters!
We also have a dog named Molly. (Photo Below)

What do you like to do in your free time?

I’m pretty boring ?! Haha, I like to read, go for walks/bike rides, workout and smoke weed.

What is something new you’ve learned or experienced since being on the Wiid team?

The guys and gals at Wiid are super knowledgeable and continue to help me expand my knowledge of
the cannabis world. It is so much more than just “selling weed”. What interests me the most is the health
benefits and the effects of the different strains/ percentages and methods of consuming cannabis
have on the body.

What is your preferred way to consume cannabis?

I’m really all about good old fashioned joints. I recently started experimenting with vaping and cartridges too. Only very occasionally will I use a bong or pipe.

What is your favourite song or genre of music to listen to while consuming cannabis?

I enjoy my rock, hip-hop, rap, metal, pop, my early 2000’s music. . .ok so everything but country and
classical ? I like my XM radio (Octane and Turbo), Play 92.1 and Spotify.

What are your favourite places to eat in the area?

Ummm… Sweet and Plump, Fresh Carnival, Breakfast Bistro, The Flats, Canadian Brewhouse, Chopped
Leaf, Angkor, Rose Garden, the Keg and Moxies. I’m also a sucker for DQ Blizzards ?!

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28.20% – ($9.95 – $36.95)

MAC & Cheese (Truro)

MAC & Cheese is a rare and high THC Sativa-Leaning Hybrid of MAC (Miracle Alien Cookies) crossed with Alien Cheese. This strain is uplifting and euphoric with an eventual relaxing body effect. Flavor profile is earthy with hints of cheese and citrus (but not and over-powering cheese profile).