Black Dolato (EastCann)

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Black Dolato is an indica dominant hybrid strain crossed with Do-Si-Dos, Gelato 41 and Blackberry Kush. The terpenes represent a very earthy/fruity scent with a hint of lavender taste. The colors range light green to dark green and red wine purple to bright orange.

2 reviews for Black Dolato (EastCann)

  1. Kreature

    not disappointed at all this is by far one of the nicest buds I’ve had in a long time!!

  2. Intrix

    This strain is an absolute gem.

    All of the notes just hit in a sequence and it is not too overpowerful. A light earthy taste that just feels proper. And it is complemented with a slightly creamy, but solid sweetness that mixes very well with the spices.

    The head high comes on very fast, but also very smooth and you start to become refreshed and renewed. A very uplifting mental high, that also makes you feel calm and relaxed. Thinking will lead to great motivation and the body high is not too dampening on being physically active.

    I am surprised by what this Indica can do. Considering it as a ‘leaning’ strain. You get a really good balance of the body and head highs and the synergy brings you a lot of peace and a lot of clarity. Great for unwinding and wanting to be somewhat productive.

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