Black Triangle (Sitka Micro)

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Micro Grower Quadessence has done it again with a mastery of Black Triangle. The Plant care Quadessence exhibits is second to none. Spending up to 20 hours per day in their micro facility grow rooms, each plant gets the unique care it needs, right down to hand watering each plant every single day. The 4 week long hang time and cure is the cherry on the cake. The love can truly be felt when trying their Black Triangle. Each pouch is hand packed to ensure the quality of the flower is not compromised and the trichomes not disturbed. Quadessence wants you to enjoy the flower as close to being on the plant as possible. Crossing Florida’s famous Triangle Kush with an ’88 G13 Hash Plant, the flower is packed with terpenes and note of citrus, pine, earth, and hash spice, making for a refreshing flavor profile that comes in thick. The potency high makes for a fun evening with great friends and conversation.

1 review for Black Triangle (Sitka Micro)

  1. basstich

    Sitka Micro is always amazing with their cure of the product. This batch I got more of a cheese aroma from the buds with a citrus earth taste. The nugs were well trimmed and the effects were very heavy in the body and eyes but still able to keep alert and awake.

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