Boaty McBoatface (Tweed) – 3.5g

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THC: 1.86%

CBD: 6.07%

In honour of the expertly named underwater vehicle, we decided to call this sativa-dominant CBD strain Boaty McBoatface. Its buds are a beautiful hue of green. This strain’s aroma is defined by the dominant terpene, myrcene, which is also found in mangoes and is known for having a sweet earthy scent.

2 reviews for Boaty McBoatface (Tweed) – 3.5g

  1. Glitchality

    This is a CBD strain and it’s pretty decent. Buds are pretty large, well-cured with small crystals and a fair amount of moisture. Straight out of a new pack they don’t crumble. The effect is pretty subtle. A new user will probably love this as an entry point. A veteran THC user will feel the slightest bit of that spacial head buzz, and much more of that base-level calming feeling. It’s decent for social settings as there’s not much red-eye or squinting going on. Will not get you blazed out of your skull. Will buy again.

  2. jhor

    This is amazing it can take a bad day or sad mood and flip it right around to amazing

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