Discovery Series Vol. 1 (AHLOT)


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From AHLOT, Canada’s leading cannabis curator, comes the Discovery Series. Nominated for both Product of the Year and Innovation of the Year by the 2018 Canadian Cannabis Awards, The Discovery Series is a carefully crafted selection of strains from 5 leading LPs.Beginners & connoisseurs alike will find something to love in this all-in-one package.


Rio Bravo by Edison Cannabis Co. is a sativa-dominant strain with mid to high THC content which offers a balance of piney and floral terpene notes, THC 14.0-21.0%, CBD 0.0-1.0%.

Saturday Afternoon CBD MediHaze by Saturday is a cross of Super Silver Haze and Neville’s Haze. It has a rich CBD blend with a low THC, and a citrus and earthy flavour profile with a piney aroma. THC 2.0-7.0%, CBD 2.0-12.99%.

Solar Power by Symbl is a tart Sour Kush hybrid with high THC and strong flavour profile of sour lemon and fresh pine. A tangy citrus aroma is balanced with hints of earthy wood and sharp diesel. THC 15.0-24.0%, CBD 0.0-1.0%.

No. 402 Blueberry Kush by Haven St. is an indica-dominant strain with a sweet berry and earthy floral flavour profile. THC: 10.0% – 18.0%, CBD 0.0% – 2.0%.

Sensi Star by 7ACRES is an indica strain with a robust profile of lemon, pepper and petrol. THC: 18.0-27.0%, CBD 0.0-1.0%.


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