Garlic Z (Greentone) Pre-Roll

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Halcyon selected Garlic Z as its 1st cultivar to launch BECAUSE ‘garlic’ is not for everybody. We know the name in itself will challenge some, others will be wholeheartedly attracted to its promise.

Garlic Z is the beginning of Halcyon’s rallying cry, a declaration against the too standardized, too consensual, the uninteresting & the insipid. Each cultivar in our collection speaks one and the same language: that of discovery. This is a collection for the living, the explorers, a collection that serves up a diversity of uncommon strains & rare phenotypes, without prejudice, but for the sole pleasure of exceptional cannabis experiences. There are as many cultivars & phenotypes as there are people with different taste preferences. Halcyon salutes you all but first introduces Garlic Z – a strain for the more adventurous palette.

1 x 0.5g pre-roll so you can easily discover Garlic Z.


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