Goliath (Weed Pool)

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This phenotype provides a strong but nicely balanced high slightly on the more adventurous side. Aromatic notes of earthy spiced fruit, almost like a floral citrus cleaner that carries along in the flavour when smoked.

4 reviews for Goliath (Weed Pool)

  1. semiprecious stoner

    I really enjoyed this product. I ended up smoking through it and buying another bag of it right away. Lighter green, compact buds with orange hairs. Dusted in crystals. Hit hard and heavy, I found it to be Indica-dominant and munchy inducing!

  2. cLiNtY (verified owner)

    I agree, very nice product tried and true !!!
    Awesome looking, tastes just like it smells which is uniquely wonderful !!!

  3. kiran@wiidsk.com

    An amazing cheesy smelling strain that hits like a heavy Indica. Very nice bud quality.

  4. pavlyon

    unique garlic/cheese aroma, hit very strong, gave a well balanced mind and body stone. weed pool can’t miss!

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