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Quant Vapor is a premium vaporizer hardware supplier, with a mission to offer top end design with affordability and outstanding performance.

Our passion lies in design. Bringing to market, desirable lifestyle vaporizer products that stand out from the crowd. Championing uniqueness in both look and feel. Creating vaporizer products that offer more than just great functionality.

Our brand name “Quant” is derived from Quantum Physics. Representing the dual nature of life. Where the world is felt as waveforms or seen as matter. Quant vapor is the fusion of imagination and form.

Introducing the NEW matte white Quant dry herb vaporizer.

Its a pocket size power house with the purity of a rubberized matte white finish on both the shell and mouthpiece.

Generates huge rips without burning your precious lips. Mouthpiece is designed to deliver cool and open airflow, protecting your lips from high temperatures with a smooth draw.

Hit temperature ranges from 320F to 430F. Rule of thumb, high temperatures generate bigger clouds with less flavour. Lower temperatures create smaller clouds with maximum flavor. Sounds complicated? Don’t worry! The Quant has exact temperature adjustment, allowing you to find a temperature that works for you.

Heating technology is convection. Where hot air passes through herb chamber, vaporizing your herbs evenly and efficiently, leaving you with a perfectly evenly brown consistency after use.

How long is a session? With 0.2g of herb expect to get 10-12 large hits. Battery automatically switches off after 4mins, ensuring battery power is saved for your next sessions.

Customers love the Quant, be the first to get the all new White edition!


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