Sativa Twist (Fleurs de L’Ile) Pre Roll

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This mix, in pre-roll form, has a high THC intensity and may contain CBD.

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2 reviews for Sativa Twist (Fleurs de L’Ile) Pre Roll

  1. Lisa M.

    Good price for 12 pre-rolls. Unfortuntely, I didn’t like the taste or how it smoked. I found it didn’t stay lit for long. The high was good. Definitely a good daytime high with little to no burnout. Taste was dull for me.

  2. George G

    Decent high, terrible smoke. They don’t stay lit AT ALL, I’m having to re-light them literally 30-40 times per joint, and half the time they’re packed too tight for you to even draw on them.

    I will not be buying these again.

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