CannaFarms Wiid Blend (Milled) – 30g

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THC: 13.1%

CBD: <0.05%

This premium blend exclusive from Wiid, grown by CannaFarms is designed to bring you great product at a great value!  This hybrid blend includes our favorite strains such as Pink Kush, Blue Dream, Girl Scout Cookies (GSC), and Tangerine Dream.

Pre-milled for maximum convenience. Fill up your cart with this 30g container and enjoy your premium blend!

1 review for CannaFarms Wiid Blend (Milled) – 30g

  1. Joel

    Hits much harder than I thought. I love Canna Farms products and couldn’t pass up Canna Farms at $7 a gram. I had a really nice mellow high. Heightened my senses and had a good time. I went to bed as I was coming down and haven’t had that good of a sleep in a long time! Will buy again once I am done this 30g. Hope it is still available by then!

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