Zkittlez Glue (Sitka Micro)

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Sitka Weedworks is excited to partner with legacy micro grower West Coast to find the perfect indica dom Zkittlez Glue Pheno. Zkittlez Glue is a sweet, fruity and colorful treat! This award winning California strain is a cross between Zkittlez and Cali Glue. The buds themselves have a pungent spicy almost woody smell to them. When you get down to smoking it you will really understand the name. Hailing from two fruity strains you get the best of both worlds. The taste is almost sweet with a sourness and fruitiness that lingers on the tongue. The plant itself is beautiful lush green with touches of purple all cascaded in white trichomes. The experience is a creative alertness with a relaxing nature. Each pouch is hand packed to ensure each nug is what you deserve.


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