Garlic Z (Benchmark Craft)

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Before dessert, there is a hardy main course, and this strain is no light snack. An Indica dominant strain bread from Afghani genetics – this combination of Garlic Cookies and OZ Kush delivers a rich and savoury garlic flavour with notes of diesel and spice that is refined enough to appeal to those with and without sweet tooths.

3 reviews for Garlic Z (Benchmark Craft)

  1. Silke Boeth

    Bought for the first time and will DEFINITELY be purchasing again. The smell is awesome and the taste is smooth. I am a heavy smoker and this hit me good from 3 rips off my pipe. Thank you to the staff for introducing it to me today! You Guys Rock!

  2. -1331-

    Tried this once as was really impressed.
    Nice nighttime strain.
    WnBake not recommended.
    Seriously u have been warned, and I am a 25 yr veteran.
    Enjoy Responsibly

  3. proscan65

    Got me a couple of grams to try out.
    Man this shit is killer weed

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