Ladies Night (North 40)

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Uncle Gord has done it again, Ladies Night is yet another exclusive! Bred by the team at In-House-Genetics and hunted by North 40. This Indica dominant cultivar didn’t fall far from the family tree. Matching up the famous “Angel Cake cut” with OGKBV2 the breeder doubled down on some of the top gear in their library.

Deep hues of burgundy and royal purples show off her bling! Glistening silver resin heads. This cut isn’t just a looker though, she packs one serious kick! True dank kush and strong spice flavors permeate every bud making this one of our funkier cuts.
If heavy hard-hitting bud is your bag look no further, turn up the funk and make it a Ladies Night.

4 reviews for Ladies Night (North 40)

  1. cLiNtY (verified owner)


    WoWZeRZzz, I can’t remember the last time I got so floored by just one hit but this strain did it. Looks great, smells and tastes amazingly unique.

    Left me wanting munchies, movies and sleep…

  2. Semiprecious Stoner

    Beautiful appearance. Strong aroma. Some strains leave me feeling like my sense of balance has been interrupted.. leaving me feeling like I’m in the backseat of my own mind. This one had feeling sideways! Heavy hitter.

  3. Laura

    Amazing high….some of the best weed I have smoked in a while and I smoke a lot!

  4. E

    This stuff is $$$ well spent. Great taste in joints strong high and I could look at it all night.

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